Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facilities Sparked Huge Fire

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Attacks were carried out on two of Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities on Saturday morning, sparking huge fires. However, the Saudi interior ministry said the fires were under control.

One attack targeted the Abqaiq oil processing facility, the world’s largest oil processing facility located in Buqyaq and operated by Saudi Aramco, and the other targeted Khurais, Saudi Arabia’s second largest oil field.

In a televised address on Yemen-based Houthi Terrorist Group’s (HTG) al-Masirah channel, an HTG spokesperson claimed the responsibility for the strikes. The spokesperson said ten (10) drones were used for the attacks.

[Update (September 17, 2019): Senior USA officials alleged that the attack was not launched by Houthis in Yemen, but was launched from southern Iran, at the northern end of the Arabian-Gulf/Persian-Gulf.]

In recent months, the Houthi Terrorist Group (HTG) carried out a series of attacks on Saudi Arabia’s petroleum assets, as tensions rise between the USA and Iran as well as between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Previously, the HTG carried out an attack on Saudi Arabia’s Shaybah oil field with the help of 10 drones on August 17.

The HTG was alleged to be behind the drone attacks targeting Saudi Arabia’s East-West Pipeline in May amid heightened tensions between the USA and Iran. The USA officials hinted that the attack was carried out by Iraqi Shia-militias who are loyal to Iran.

The HTG have also claimed responsibilities for many attacks on other Saudi infrastructures throughout the four-years of Yemen war.

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