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We publish stories that matters. We ideally publish them in two forms: major breaking-stories and views on news.

What We Do

We publish ‘Major Breaking Stories’

Whether you’re a businessman, politician or regular individual, you need to know what’s happening in our unpredictable world, as it may have the potential to impact you.

In our Major Breaking Stories section, we inform you about the major happenings and events taking place across the world. We don’t randomly report news, but we only inform about those news & events that are significant.

We publish ‘Views on News’

Although you may need to know about various expert information to help you with you business, politics, profession and personal life, we understand that you may not have enough time to read these information which are only available via detailed analysis-reports, featured-articles and opinions.

So, in our Views on News section, individual authors — who are experts in their respective fields — bring in some perspective very briefly and precisely about the news and events happening around us and across the world.

We link you to outside Analysis & Reports

We are a one stop destination for important global information. Besides our ‘Major Breaking Stories‘ and ‘Views on News‘ sections, we also connect you to headlines of other important sites which informs you about various important information via their reports, analysis-reports, opinions and even in the form of blog-posts.

However, unlike us, they prefer to inform the readers in details and, hence, you may browse their articles if you can afford some extra time to do so.

More About Us

This is our passion

Informing the global citizens of various information gives us immense pleasure, as by doing this, we are implementing an universal human rights norm, i.e. the right to information.

Proud to be Global, and Local

We understand the world and almost all the corners of it, as we have communication with people from diverse culture, race and profession — something which helps us provide you with an fairly accurate information.

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