• Is Russia Becoming a Potent Power in Asia Pacific?
    Regional analysts and observers believe Russia’s growing military presence and adventurism hint to this direction.
  • Here’s why China can’t Accuse India of Rights Violations in Kashmir
    Contrary to Pakistan’s expectation, some allegations of rights violations against China keep the Chinese officials away from accusing India of any human rights violation in Kashmir.
  • Fall of Iranian Regime very much Possible
    After IRGC’s terror designation, a window of opportunity has opened for regime change in Iran. If the Iranian people could now be organized and led by a force in the ground (coupled with International isolation), the collapse of the Regime could be precipitated.
  • A Missed-Chance of Iran Regime Collapse
    Had IRGC been weakened way earlier by global economic isolation, the public protests last year might have forced Iranian Regime further into domestic isolation. In the face of dual pressures from its own people and the international community, the Regime would then have collapsed.
  • There are Controversial Provisions in Iran Nuclear Deal
    VIEWS ON NEWS | Some provisions in Iran Nuclear Deal would have allowed it ample time to hide or destroy evidence of any nuclear weapon program, and allowed Iran to carryout activities related to a nuclear-weapons program inside those military sites.